Scan to E-Mail

Fax through e-mail is actually a common term in today’s technology-driven landscape. It’s something that’s not new. Fax through e-mail is commonly referred to as digital sending – if you’re more familiar with that term. Slowly, fax through e-mail will replace common faxing that we do on an everyday basis. There is many businesses that have eliminated faxing altogether, and are using only fax through e-mail or digital sending at this time.

So how does fax through e-mail work? Essentially, fax through e-mail works in your office via a Multi-Function Printer (MFP) or business machine. A Multi-Function Printer will provide copy, scan, fax and send to email capabilities. When you are looking for a business machine that can provide this service for you, check and ensure that the machine you are looking at has “Scan to Email.” You’ll also need an SMTP gateway.

In other words, it may not make sense to purchase a large MFP and set it up in your home office, simply to take advantage of scan to email functionality. It makes sense for more medium to larger businesses, where there is a business need or requirement for scan to email. The business need is required when documents need to be scanned and received internally, or when a document needs to be scanned and transmitted externally many times a day. When you have an office of at least 10 people, it makes sense to purchase an MFP as the need requires it for document workflow.