Web Design Services

Hasty Domains can design your website for you. It does not matter whether you are building a site builder website, a wordpress website, etc. You’ll still need to come up with some design for the site. If you don’t have photoshop, or other enterprise level design products such as Adobe Illustrator, you may have a tough time putting a site design together. Some people even want to build a flash banner or flash website – for this, you will certainly need help if you have not done that before.

Web design really does not need to be super complicated or intensive for your first one or two projects. You’ll likely want a simple design, with a top banner, an open white concept website with black text and blue links. Having any other background color can negatively impact your visitor’s viewing experience – did you know this? Statistically, people will stay on a website longer if the background is white instead of black. You’ll notice there are few professional websites nowadays that don’t follow these simple rules. You can search on Google to do the research about this and confirm this statement.