Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility means you show up for search terms related to what your product or service is – not just the company name. If a potential site visitor is searching for a keyword that is relevant to your business, that is good. You want to be able to track these site visitors and how they are hitting your website. Knowing your target market, as well as where they are coming from, is extremely important.

It’s also very important not to get tricked by companies that say they will “submit” your website to the major search engines. Anyone can do this – you can even do it yourself. In fact, once you have a few links coming into your website from other websites, Google will find your website without you needing to do anything. Don’t pay companies to submit your website – learn how search engine optimization works, and work hard to obtain an organic listing on the search engine. Organic listings are the most helpful and can be obtained through hard work and dedication.

Step 1 to obtaining search engine visibility: pick relevant keywords

Optimizing for a keyword phrase


Step 2: Optimize for those keywords

Go laser targetted


Build links & obtain links back / back links