E-Commerce Web Design

Ecommerce websites tend to look and feel a little different from other websites. The main concept on the website is you want to drive people to purchase – you want to have that “call to action” workflow, that enables site visitors to quickly convert from a site visitor to a customer. In order to make that happen, your website needs to have the proper ingredients in order to be successful. This means unique products, proper search engine optimization with title and meta tags, a easy shopping cart, and as few steps as possible for a site visitor to sign up and purchase something.

An Ecommerce web design will be focused around the product or service you’re trying to sell. It’ll allow the transaction to happen right through the website – no phone call needed, no e-mails. If a prospect needs to call you before they make a purchase, your ecommerce website has failed in terms of providing enough information to make that transaction happen in real time.